Malamang sa hindi ay nasusuya na rin kayo sa mga balita tungkol kay Pacman. Kung tutuusin ay ganito naman talaga ang media sa tuwing pagkapanalo ni Pacquiao. Hindi magkanda ugagang i – angulo ang mga balita sa lahat ng maaring idikiit kay Pacquiao. Sama mo na rin ang dami ng mga patalastas na si Manny ang endorser. You know? Continue Reading »


For the record, I am not a Manny Pacquiao fan. Or of boxing for that matter.

I wasn’t able to watch the fight but was informed earlier in the day that Pacquiao won by TKO on the second round. And every one in our compound was shouting with jubilation.

As usual everything halt and all eyes are glued on their televisions. There is nothing more to contest that Pacquaio was indeed one of the greatest boxer. And to top it all, he is a proud Pinoy.

With almost everything not going well for the country, his triumph was a fresh air for everyone. Something to be proud of.

Have to agree as well that his new song is way better than the other song he’s been singing.

(Nonetheless, I agree with some friends that Manny must not opt to meddle with politics again)

At this moment, lets enjoy and be proud to be Filipino.

I was so busy this whole week for the national workshop of young people for peace and human rights.

It was only yesterday that I was able to read in passing the reports on Ma. Lourdes Arroyo’s election as Partylist representative. She is supposed to represent the entrepreneur sector like the balut vendors and other informal labors. The question is, does she even eats balot? Another Arroyo in Congress and it really sucks.

The PGMA Administration denied during the 2007 elections that they are manipulating the partylist elections.And what does the election of another Arroyo speaks of? A mere coincidence? I don’t think so.

While I have already expressed my disgust for (dis) Honorable Representative Jovito Palparan’s election as partylist representative, I am glad that the progressive bloc will campaign to disbar him from Congress.

The partylist system is supposed to provide opportunity for marginalized sectors as a means for participatory governance. Now, is Maria Lourdes Arroyo marginalized? Is a human rights violator marginalized? Again, I don’t think so.

So, do I still need to explain why the partylist system is bastardized?

Congrats Ka Walden!

Thanks to Facebook I was updated on the Supreme Court decision with regards to allocation of partylist seats in Congress.

Good news for the progressive blocs: AKBAYAN gained another seat and will be represented by Prof. Walden Bello (Honorable Representative Walden Bello. Sounds good enough! Of course Ka Walden can live up to the expectations.)

Moreover, the progressives will be welcoming another representative from Bayan Muna and one from Kabataan Party.

And the bad news, majority of the seats allocated by the Supreme Court will be occupied by pro-GMA partylists. Among them the number one human rights violator Jovito Palparan.

For the past few days (and even now), the headline of major news papers focused on Ted Failon and the mishap that happened to his wife and family. As a personality, Ted Failon’s case has catapulted to lime light and was followed by almost everyone. Even those who are not a fan of Mr. Failon. Continue Reading »

Scrap VFA!

Back in college, when I join a student activist organization, VFA was the issue of the day. It was even the rallying call on Erap’s SONA.

My first task I remember for the campaign was to make a placard with the words “Junk VFA!.” Not really understanding the issue I followed the lead and made 10 pieces of it. I was even glad to see it spread in the LRT station at Taft Avenue.Attending the study circles let me understand why people are against the VFA.

Reading the papers today, Sen. Pangilinan’s expose/allegation on the peddling and pimping of women to U.S military is sickening.

Reminded me again why this VFA should be junked. It never sided on the people’s interest. Its a mere dole – out and muscle flex of US agenda with serious strings attached: disgracing our women and sovereignty of Pilipinas.

Bring in the Clowns!

Taken from the PDI: Gonzales Reprimanded on “Transitional Leaders”

(Reading it was like listening to the jokers to tickle your funny bone but literally failed to.)

N.Gonzales: The country needs a three-year Transition President in 2010!

Claudio: N. Gonzales should not have made his opinion public…possibility of the opposition using it against the administration.

N.Gonzales: We need Charter Change but we will never get to doing it until we have a transition president who is willing to carry it out under a new political system.

Bello III: N. Gonzales suggestion of shortened term for the next President is legally infirm.

N. Gonzales: My proposal is not a legal framework and was not about change of leadership but about change of mind-set and attitude regarding the presidential election in 2010.

Claudio: The problem is that the suggestion and this concept of a transition gives rise to speculations that are very much unfair to the President.

(So, it’s all about the PGMA. Reprimanding a co-jester for making the queen frown?)

Claudio: N.Gonzales ideas is not a “trial baloon” from President Arroyo. It was not part of the Palace’s agenda and was certainly not the direction that the administration coalition would take in 2010.

(But this is the best line of this sick joke by the jokers in Malacanang. A comment from an administration Senator.)

Senator Zubiri: If they love President Arroyo and are pro-administration, they should not drag her into these Charter Change efforts and make the people mad at her.

Its April’s Fool indeed and the Palace sent out its best clowns. But as usual, failing to win even a faint smile from the people. I wonder where is Banana Man’s katukayo? Would have been more fun if he added his antics. LOL